Brenda Strom passed away peacefully this morning with her family by her side. She was in Flagstaff and Ray will let us know a little later what the plans will be for the next few days.

Brenda’s life was a blessing to us in El Valle and her memory will be our treasure. Brenda and Ray were so dedicated to our Art Association and we shall miss her.

Ray’s address is 410 S Desperado Dr Cottonwood AZ 86326.

Two events are now on the calendar:

  • 23 April 2017 Brenda’s Urn will be placed in a Niche at Sedona United Methodist Church (located on AZ route 179 between the Wye in Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek). This short memorial dedication will take place around 1100 following the normal Sunday worship service that runs from 9:30 to 10:30 ish and during the fellowship hour that runs from 10:30 to 11:30 ish. I expect to set up a table with mementoes of Brenda’s life and have some of her paintings on display along with a book for people to jot down some of their memories. I will be providing a cake for the fellowship hour. All are welcome to participate as they desire and are comfortable to do so.
  • 20 May 2017 will be an informal afternoon of remembering Brenda held from 2PM to 5PM at the community clubhouse within the Cottonwood Ranch development in Cottonwood. Again some of Brenda’s paintings and mementoes will be displayed along with a book for people to note their own thoughts. This is a chance for folks to gather, chat, tell stories amongst each other – and a chance for me and our daughter to say thanks for the truly wonderful support all of you have given Brenda (and me) over our years
    here. No formal agenda or sit down with speeches (unless you wish to say something to all of us) is planned. I’ve received suggestions that some would like to bring something (ala El Valle reception style) and I think that would be just fine. I will arrange for drinks (tea/punch?!) So we will munch on whatever folks bring. Parking is somewhat limited and the room holds about 50 standing up so it might be nice to wander in and out. Not sure of all the help I can use to set up and clean up but I’m not
    known to turn down help. And I can listen to suggestions to help make this a great day to remember Brenda.


Sharon Austin